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Total No. of Tecaher (All Classes) 56
Number of TGTs 37
Numbe of PETs 1
Number of Teachers Attended Mandatory Tranning 9
Whether Special Educator Appointed ? Yes
Has Mandatory Trainning of Teachers as per the Traning Policy (Section - 16 of Affiliation BYE -LAWS) (http://cbseaff.nic.in/cbse_aff/attachment/onlineservices/affiliation - Bye - Laws.pdf) BeenCompleted ? Yes
Number of PGTs 1
Number of PRTs 18
Other Non - Teaching Staff 11
Number of Trainings Attended in Previous & Current Year 33
Number of NTTs 0
Whether Counsellor and Wellness Teacher Appointed ? Yes


Name of Teacher Post
Hareram Kumar Principal
Ranjan Kumar PGT
Kumari Priyadarshini TGT
Shailesh Kumar Sharma TGT
Dipika Kumari TGT
Susmita Kumari TGT
Manoj Kumar Roy TGT
Murari Kumar TGT
Rajesh Kumar TGT
Rajeev Kumar TGT
Vinod Kumar TGT
Bambam Kumar TGT
Gautam Kumar TGT
Bipin Kumar TGT
Ravindra Kumar TGT
Annu Kumari TGT
Sanjay Kumar Jha TGT
Piyush Kumar TGT
Jitendra Kumar TGT
Nigam Kumari TGT
Kant Sharma TGT
Umesh Prasad Singh TGT
Umesh Prasad  TGT
Ratnesh Kumarq TGT
Murari Kumar TGT
Raja Ram Kumar TGT
Prabhat Kumar Mishra TGT
Shambhu Kumar TGT
Kavita Kumari TGT
Rupa Bharti  TGT
Ravi Raju TGT
Dayashankar Mishra TGT
Mr. Saquib Fatmi TGT
Bharat Bhusan TGT
Pawan Kumar Singh TGT
Rajan Jha TGT
Ashok Kumar Singh TGT
Malay Nirav TGT
Sanjeev Kumar TGT
Saurav Kumar TGT
Rakesh Kumar Singh TGT
Rupesh Kumar TGT
Rahul Kumar TGT
Gaurav Kumar  TGT
Parmod Kumar PRT
Nitu Devi PRT
Mamta Kumari PRT
Kanchan Kumari PRT
Dinesh Kumar PRT
Madhu Kumari PRT
Uday Kumar Rajak PRT
Pawan Kumar   PRT
Amrit Kumar PRT
Pankaj Kumar PRT
Archana Kumari PRT
Jagarnath Jha PRT
Navin Kumar PRT
Ankit Kumar PRT
Niva Kumari PRT
Pallawi Kumari PRT
Gunjan Kumari PRT
Karamveer Kumar PTI
Anita Kumari Wellness Teacher
Ramkhelawan Singh Special Educator
Amrendra Kumar Librarian